Open Plots for Sale in Srisailam Highway

Prime city introduces different types Residential Plots available for Sale near Srisailam Highway with good locality and peaceful, proposed Rajeev Gandhi International Airport is at 35 km. all amenities are offered nearby to the project. The open plot is best suitable for residential use. The property is available at an affordable cost and very good for Investment. The period you will devote here will become the ultimate twinkling of your life that will similarly help you to relieve, ease & suggest a great sense of happiness.

We believe in fulfilling of commitments and customers dreams.

Prime city is promoting the entire project with devotion to fill the interest and develop a spirit to work with joyfulness.

Hyderabad the capital city of Telangana State is developing as the most lucrative and affordable investment for real estate deals especially for open plots for sale in srisailam highway.


The formation of new state of Telangana is giving new confidences to real estate developers and construction companies to invest in Hyderabad property. There is a strong demand for plots and homes in Hyderabad with plots being considered as a valuable investment option for the future. Buying plots have their own merits with their value appreciating fast in the wake of depreciating land availability in cities of India.

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